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VIDEO: About the New York Open Center

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A Video Introduction to the Open Center
The New York Open Center is the world’s largest urban center for holistic learning and world culture, annually presenting over 500 programs, workshops, lectures, professional trainings, and conferences in five disciplines:
• Spirituality and World Religions
• Health and Wellness
• Psychology and Inner-development
• Society, Ecology and Culture
• Creativity and the Arts

It is dedicated to the emergence of a holistic, ecological and spiritual worldview that is so deeply needed if we are to find a way towards a more sane and viable future.

A non-profit educational and cultural center, it offers programs intended to heal the body, nourish the soul and awaken the spirit, serving as a focal point for holistic thought and practice in the real-world, urban heart of New York City.

In the present global situation, where symptoms of profound ecological, spiritual, political and economic crisis face large segments of humanity, the Open Center aspires to be a place where life-enhancing, creative initiatives can be given voice. In a time of dramatic change, it is devoted to the quest for meaning; in this materialistic epoch, it considers the exploration of life’s deeper mysteries essential, and when the strains of urban existence numb, it seeks to stimulate aliveness and vitality among its community members.