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The Inspiration of Breath: How Proper Breathing Can Transform Your Voice and Your Life ONLINE ONLY

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Jean McClelland

“Thank you so much for the beautiful breathing class!! It was amazing, and I learned so much. My whole body has responded to everything that you teach. Your classes are life-transforming.” — Cecilia Calderón, Breathing Class Participant

Breath is fundamental to every aspect of our life. We are born with an ability to breathe deeply and fully, but as we go through life, stress and tension can cause our breathing to become shallow and constricted and our voices strained and weak. Inefficient breathing can lead to fatigue, anxiety, muscular tension and even digestive problems. Getting back to the way nature designed us to breathe is a tonic that revitalizes body and mind. In this course we will explore ways to reestablish our natural, coordinated way of breathing. We will study the anatomy and physiology of respiration, observe the ways in which we interfere with our breathing, and learn tools and exercises to free and strengthen our breathing and voice.

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Jean McClelland, MMus, M.AmSAT, graduated from Vassar College and trained at the American Center for Alexander Technique, Carl Stough Institute for Breathing Coordination, the Michael Chekhov Studio and the New York Psychosynthesis Institute. As a performer, she has performed leading roles in musical theater and teaches workshops on voice and the Alexander Technique nationally.