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The Dawning of a New Paradigm: The Extraordinary Implications of LSD Research for Psychiatry, Psychology and Consciousness

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Stanislav Grof, MD
(MP4 Webinar Recording: 1 hr 54 min, 22 MB download)
The discovery of LSD laid the foundation for a revolutionary new discipline, the science of consciousness. Researchers studying the effects of pychedelics have made paradigm-breaking observations that challenged some of modern psychology's most basic assumptions about consciousness and the human psyche and health and dis-ease. Some of these observations are so far-reaching that they undermine some of materialistic science’s fundamental tenets concerning the nature of consciousness and its relationship to matter. In this slide-illustrated webinar series (Part 1 of 2), pioneering psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, MD, reviews the remarkable data emanating from this body of research and explores topics such as: the cartography of the human psyche; the architecture of emotional and psychosomatic disorders; new strategies of psychotherapy and self-exploration; the role of spirituality in human life; the nature of reality; and the relationship of the psyche to consciousness and the cosmos.

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