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Annals of the Consciousness Revolution: Inside the Great Holistic Awakening (Lecture 1 of 4: Roots of Esoteric Spirituality)

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Ralph White
(Audio: 2 hr 1 min)
The last 40 years have seen an explosion of interest in consciousness, spirituality, holistic practices, green values and esoteric worldviews, a revolution with many positive consequences in wellness, psychology, meditation, music, ecology and the embrace of a multicultural future. Join Open Center co-founder Ralph White for a journey into sacred history, cultural revolt, the emergence of centers of new learning, and the long road from the cultural periphery to a worldview that carries the seeds of the human future.
Lecture 1 of 4Roots of Esoteric Spirituality: The Greek mysteries, the Platonic Academy of Florence, Bohemians and alchemists, the Celtic Revival and early 20th century esotericism.

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