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Meditations on Sacred Geometry: Crafting the Poetry of Form ONLINE ONLY

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Karl Lorenzen

Sacred geometry has fascinated artists, scientists, and philosophers for centuries. In this 3-week online course, we will learn the traditional craft, vocabulary and “alphabet” of sacred geometry. Through lecture, demonstration, and walking through this meditative process together — using a bow compass, straight edge and pencil — we will experience first hand how to draw the Platonic Solids, other classical geometric forms, and beautiful Islamic tiling patterns. And we will construct 3D models of those shapes, transforming common paper plates into meditative objects of transcendent form.

The course material for “Meditations on Scared Geometry” is accessible to people at all levels of ability: no previous math or art experience is required.

NOTE: Students must have access to a computer with a web browser for this ONLINE ONLY course, and may need to download free software to use some course features. Password-protected access to the course website is permitted only during the dates that this course is being held; PASSWORDS WILL BE ISSUED THE NIGHT BEFORE THE COURSE BEGINS; and user accounts will be deleted once the course is over. Audio-visual materials on the website are not downloaded but streamed through the web browser. Open Center Online Learning courses give students access to teachers and other students through several interactive tools on the course websites.

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(3 weeks)
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Karl Lorenzen is a professional artist who has studied and taught Sacred Geometry since 2000, including five years on the faculty of the New York Open Center. In 2010 he co-presented “Alexandria’s Influence on the Islamic Art of Andalusia” at the NYC Esoteric Gathering, a symposium sponsored by the Open Center. Karl was a 2010 Artist in Residence at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, and is currently partnering with the Open Center in developing online learning programs.