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Introducing Open Center Online Courses

Watch the following video to explore the the Open Center Online Learning course experience, then read more about our programs below.

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With Open Center Online Learning courses, you can discover the wisdom and inspiration of Open Center teachers no matter where you are. Take a multimedia educational journey with us from your home or office, and tap into the same knowledge and expertise our pioneering teachers have offered for over 25 years at our New York City facility.

Are you a night owl, an early bird, or someone who works on a changing schedule? Our online courses allow you to participate when it’s best for you and still have a dynamic virtual-classroom experience.

Using technologies from Facebook and other social media sites, Open Center Online Learning course websites give students exclusive and direct access to expert teachers and fellow students through blogging tools, a direct message system build into each website, and other interactive features. Building off of our video and audio O’CastsTM, our online courses offer rich multimedia features in a weekly lesson format. The course website interface is easy to navigate and explore, whether you’re the most seasoned web user or new to online learning.

Follow the links below to read more about our initial offering this spring of the following courses:

Explore the the Open Center Online Learning course experience on YouTube, Flickr or Facebook.

About the Open Center
Our renowned Center offers affordable classes, workshops, and trainings in dozens of fields. Presenting over 500 programs of exceptional depth and integrity to audiences totaling more than 10,000 annually, we currently concentrate in five major areas: Contemplative and Spiritual Traditions; Health and Wellness; Psychology; Society and Ecology; and Creativity and the Arts.

Our first online courses draw from this deep tradition, and we’re looking forward to bringing you many more Open Center Online Learning courses in the months ahead!